Blue H Engineering



As the technology developer and engineering capacity provider for the ocean renewable energy sector, Blue H Engineering is committed to design, engineer, manufacture and service sustainable energy systems for the marine and offshore environment.


Blue H Engineering technology development is focused on floating foundation systems for the offshore wind energy market for the highest capacity wind sites, in deep water with depths greater than 50 meters and to be able to withstand harsh marine environments.


The requirements for a robust, low CAPEX and OPEX, reliable system can now be met at sea, based upon Blue H Engineering’s innovation of a self-installing TLP (tension leg platform) for offshore wind.


The floating foundation system and its models are derived from the knowledge base acquired from Blue H Technologies Group’s historical technology development, related technical information, available IP, related patent families and its own offshore engineering competences.


As a result of a management buy-out in October 2012, Business Creation Wind Energy AG, currently fully owns Blue H Engineering.

Prior to that time, Blue H Engineering had been the engineering arm of the Blue H Group and a fully owned subsidiary of Blue H Technologies of which Blue H Group Technologies Ltd was the holding company.


Blue H Engineering’s wide experience in offshore, aero- and hydro-dynamic design and engineering combined with the proven track record of Blue H Engineering management are key success factors of a successful technology development, equipment supply and delivery of engineering services.


And offers therefore for this fast growing offshore energy market an attractive investment opportunity, clean energy generation and high tech employment for a sustainable business and market segment.