Designed for cost efficient series manufacturing.

No need for expensive marine services equipment – (avoids monopolistic/oligopolistic control of jack up barges and vessels).

No heavy lifting and transportation vessels for installation process are needed. Towing out by anchor handling tugboat only.

Lowest amount of construction materials needed to support the wind turbine at sea.

Wind turbine installation, including pre-commissioning, run at the harbour instead of at sea.

Designed for local assembly at yard, nearby the offshore wind farm. Shallow depth requirements for such a yard harbour as system requires less than 10 m draught.

Wide weather window: transportation (Hs 3m) and installation (Hs 2m) max 1 installation day are needed.

No seabed preparation, only inspection is required.

Anchor design is tailored to the seabed (solid sand, mud, rock)

Self-installing process. Small crew needed as all components are pre-assembled at the yard.

No use of divers.

Mooring is less complex than for other floating platforms.

Maintenance is performed within the wind turbine maintenance sequence and routines. A return shipment to the harbor, if ever needed for a major repair, can be done.

Decommissioning of offshore wind farm at the end of its lifetime at low cost.

Lower CAPEX compared to fixed foundations over 50 m of depth.

As the TLP foundation is a passive system, maintenance costs are low.

Lowest total levelized cost of energy delivered onshore from those large offshore wind farms using Blue H Engineering TLP foundations and which are located in deep water with harsh marine environments.