Since offshore wind energy on fixed foundations is currently only feasible in limited water depths, and the number of suitable sites in such shallow waters are also limited, the offshore wind business will move to deeper waters in order to tap the vast global potential of offshore wind. As a result, there will be a growing need for technologies to enable the exploitation of deeper water generally, and specifically a need for floating solutions.


By being able to position floating foundation systems in deeper waters, this technology can access areas previously thought inaccessible and can benefit from strong and less turbulent winds, resulting in an overall lower cost of wind energy.


This is particularly true for metoceanic heavy loaded sites with a water depth of over 50 meters and harsh marine environment.


With its present 5 – 7 MW floating foundation design Blue H Engineering is a leading company in providing robust and economical deep-water wind farm foundation packages for the new generation of high capacity offshore wind turbines.